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At International Phone Card ,we offer the best Phone cards and prepaid phone card at the lowest rates available on the internet. We are your online source for international phone cards to any where on the globe. We specialize in high quality prepaid phone cards offering great service and the best rates.

Save money on all your international long distance calls with these great prepaid phone cards to Eastern and Western European Countries.

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Check this out while purchasing a Phone Card
Look for a Phone card that doesn't charge a connection fee or monthly fee, or tax. Fees take away minutes from your phone card.

Try to use your phone card up in one or two long calls as generally minutes are rounded off, so too many calls on one card adds up quickly or should I say takes away from your balance. Also, some cards do not charge an initial connection fee, but some cards will after you use the card after two or more times.

Don't use your Phone card at a pay phone. If you can, call from home instead because pay phones have a surcharge (about 50 cents).

When you buy your card online choose delivery method by email vs. postal mail to avoid any shipping charge.

Don't use your international phone cards for domestic long distance as international card is optimized for international need and may not have the best rate for domestic long distance. Instead, use a prepaid long distance card with the best rate for your particular situation.

Prepaid cheap calling cards to Europe. Save up to 60% money on Europe cheap phone card. For Europe calls you can buy phone card online in 5 minutes on our site. Best rates prices Europe countries.

When traveling abroad, you can save hundreds of dollars with the Travel Card. Just click on "Call United States" for great rates when calling back to the USA. We also offer long distance phone cards, including international phone cards such as calling cards to Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, China, India, Mexico, Russia and other countries.

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