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United States Phone Cards USA 0.9
Australia Phone Cards Australia 1.1
Brazil Phone Cards Brazil 1.9
Canada Phone Cards Canada 0.9
China Phone Cards China 1.1
France Phone Cards France 1.3
German Phone Cards Germany 1.3
indian Phone Cards India 1.9
Italy Phone Cards Italy 1.4
Japan Phone Cards Japan 2.1
Mexico Phone Cards Mexico 1.8
Philippines Phone Cards Philippines 8.4
Poland Phone Cards Poland 0.25
Romania Phone Cards Romania 2.4
Russia Phone Cards Russia 2.2
Spain Phone Cards Spain 1.2
UK Phone Cards UK 0.9

We offer high quality pre paid calling cards at very low discount rates. We offer the lowest priced pre-paid phone cards available for making international and domestic calls!

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    Calling Cell Phones from USA

    Calling from a Different Country

You can purchase a PIN online and start calling in just a few minutes time with our low cost discount international prepaid phone cards. International Phone Cards carefully selects all international and domestic cards we offer for value and quality.

Using our phone card you can make domestic (in-state or out of state) and international calls anytime from your home, a friend's house, from work, from pay phone, from your cell phone. So you can use this service anywhere from any telephone!

Before you buy a Phone Card check out this charges:
  • Connection Fee: Many cards charge at least 50 for connection and in some cases even more each time you make a call.
  • Pay Phone Surcharge: Many cards charge an additional fee of at least 50 per call for each call made from a pay phone.
  • Maintenance Fees: Some cards charge a weekly "maintenance fee" after the card is first used. If you use the card only occasionally, this fee can add up.
  • Rounding: Most cards round up a call to the next minute. Some cards use six minute rounding. This means a one minute call will be charged as a six minute call.
Savings of up to 85% on all international calls can be yours now! Stop spending too much on long distance and use prepaid phone cards! They are convenient, inexpensive, fast, and fun!

No Connection Fee. Rechargeable Phone Cards. Pinless Dialing.

Get aggressive rates to call major cities all over the world. Includes PINless dialing, with the lowest rates if you make frequent calls to land lines in major cities.

Get the lowest rates to call any mobile phone anywhere in the world. If you make the majority of your calls to mobile phones, this is a great plan.

We provide prepaid phone cards and online calling cards of best quality and at the best rates. Many of our regular cards have such useful features as PIN-less dialing.